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Guest Posts and Manuscripts could be emailed to us to be considered for publication at [editor@sportslawandpolicyreviewreporter.com].

Author(s) who would like to write for our Blog and submit their work for consideration must adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. There is no particular theme, any content which has relevance to the world of ‘Sports Law’ is welcomed by us.
  2. Manuscripts not exceeding the word limit of 2000 words are preferred.
  3. Manuscripts should be in a proper structure. There is no restriction on the number of Headings and Sub-Headings that the Author(s) might use. Headings and Sub-Headings (if any) should be in Small Caps and Bold.
  4. Text Alignment should be ‘Justified’ and Page Margins should be kept as ‘Normal.’
  5. The body of the Text should be formatted to Times New Roman Font, Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5 and a Single Line Space between the Paragraphs.
  6. Do not Underline anything in the Manuscript.
  7. Quotes (if any) should be in Italics.
  8. The Title of the Manuscript should be Centrally Aligned on Top and can have as many words as per the Author(s) discretion.
  9. Do not use Footnotes or Endnotes; If any reference has to be provided, it should be in the form of a Hyperlink in the Text itself. Giving due reference for any Factual Assertion or Data Provided in the Text is preferred.
  10. Do not use Citations of Case-Laws in the Text; Hyperlinks for Case-Laws used (if any) should not be for Manupatra, SCC Online or any other portal which is not accessible to everyone. Use Hyperlinks for websites of Courts or other websites (Including Indian Kanoon) which are accessible to everyone.


  1. The Maximum Number of Author(s) that can submit a Manuscript for consideration is 2.
  2. All Submissions should be made through email, to [editor@sportslawandpolicyreviewreporter.com] with Subject as “SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPT FOR PUBLICATION”.
  3. The submission should be made in MS WORD Format with (.doc) or (.docx) extension. The Title of the Word Document should be same as the Title of the Manuscript.
  4. For the Cover Letter or the Body of the email, copy paste the following text and Fill In the required details.

[I/We], [Name(s) of the Author(s)], are interested in getting our work published on SLPRR’s Blog. [I/We] request you to consider our work titled [Title of the Manuscript] for publication. Vide the instrumentality of this email, [I/We] confirm that this work is our original contribution and that it has not been plagiarized in part or in whole from any other works; quotes taken from any other works have been supported with due reference in the form of Hyperlinks according to the Content & Formatting Guidelines as aforementioned. [I/We] understand that publication decision is fully at the discretion of SLPRR. If accepted for publication, [I/We] agree that the work will become the property of SLPRR and permission would have to be taken from SLPRR for any subsequent publication, reprint of the same work on any other platform.

Details of the Author(s):




[LINKEDIN URL (if any)]


PFA the Word Document of the Manuscript. Kindly Acknowledge the mail.




  1. The Editors of SLPRR retain complete discretion over acceptance or rejection of any Manuscript received for consideration.
  2. Manuscripts may be returned to the Author(s) along with feedback and suggestions for changes needed. Once re-submitted with due compliance to the suggestions, the Manuscripts will again be considered for publication. Author(s) are expected to be cooperative in case minor changes are needed for publication of the work.
  3. Once accepted for publication, the Copyright of the work will vest with SLPRR, However, the Author(s) will be duly acknowledged along with the publication and Moral Rights will vest with them. They can also use their work subsequently, contingent to permission from SLPRR obtained via email to [editor@sportslawandpolicyreviewreporter.com] for the same.
  4. Plagiarism exceeding the general permitted standards, in part or in whole, will attract disqualification for publication purposes and is highly discouraged by us.
  5. Any work by the Author(s) which has already been published elsewhere, and belongs to such publisher or platform, will not be considered unless a permission for re-publication is taken from the publisher or the platform where it is published. This permission could be in form of an email which must be forwarded along with submission of the Manuscript.
  6. The review and publication process will generally take up to 7-9 days. However, the same can be delayed due to any emergency arising out of a natural or a man-made event.
  7. An e-certificate of publication will be provided to the Author(s) upon publication of their work on SLPRR’s Website.
  8. The guidelines and policies of SLPRR are subject to change. We advise you to re-check them before you send your work for consideration. Any changes made in the guidelines or policy shall be effective from the time such change is published on the website.
  9. The Opinions or Views expressed in any of the work published on SLPRR’s website are independent views of the Author(s) and SLPRR is not responsible for them.