The SLPRR Newsletter

The SLPRR Newsletter is an attempt to create discourse around matters related to sports law and all things sports. In order to house a variety of opinions and bring to our readers content from across various niche in the field, The SLPRR Newsletter features the thoughts, opinions, research and expertise of this community, to not only foster discourse, but to also enable further awareness and interest in the field.

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Contributions for future editions can be through pieces in columns reserved for the following:

  • News column: Recent Legal as well as Non-Legal Developments in the field of Sports;
  • Opinion Column: Short articles on any contemporary sports topics;
  • Experience Column: Personal accounts of players, coaches, or any other person in this field willing to share their personal experience;
  • Fan Column: Viewpoints and opinions of fans regarding developments and performance of their favorite teams in any sport.

For submitting your entry, e-mail your piece at []

(Accepting submissions on a rolling basis)

Kindly take note of the following guidelines:

  1. The maximum number of Authors that could submit a piece in any of the aforementioned columns is 2.
  2. The submission should be made in MS WORD format (.doc or .docx)
  3. The maximum word limit for news column is 500 so short summaries are expected (links to relevant news articles should also be mentioned in references). The word limit for Opinion Column is 500-1000, for Fan Column 1000 words and 500-750 words for the Experience Column.
  4. The minimum formatting guidelines are: Font- Times New Roman, Size 12; Line Spacing 1.5 & alignment should be justified.
  5. No hyperlinks/footnotes/endnotes should be there. Just provide the relevant links in the end as reference.
  6. The editorial and publication policy of SLPRR, [available here] shall apply to all submissions for the newsletter.