The laws which interplay with the sports industry affect the stakeholders’ lives on a day-to-day basis, ergo, it is imperative to understand the rights, duties and obligations arising out of the same. Owing to a lack of specific regulations especially in the Indian context, the multiplicity of these laws, diminishing relevance of older laws, and the complex nature in which they have been drafted, developing a clear understanding is definitely not an easy task – and this is where ‘ASK SLPRR’ comes in. ‘ASK SLPRR’ is our flagship project to develop an open access resource that provides simplified and reliable legal information.

Our vision is to eliminate the gatekeeping of legal awareness in sport by making relevant laws more accessible to non-legal minds.

In order to provide comprehensive information on various sports laws in an easy to understand language, we are identifying various relevant laws, analysing the available jurisprudence on the same, and finally presenting them in interesting formats; this will provide our community with a more immersive, personal, and easy way to garner sports law knowledge. The funda of the project is to essentially make sports law jurisprudence accessible to all stakeholders.

The project is collaborative in nature and you can be a part of this initiative by referring to the guidelines given at the bottom of this page.

This initiative is solely for informational and educational purposes, and must not be deemed to constitute any kind of advice. No reader should act on the basis of any statement contained herein without seeking professional advice. The authors and SLPRR expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person who has referred to the documents below, or otherwise, in respect of anything, and of consequences of anything done, or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance upon the contents herein.


Explainer’s primary aim is to analyse the key laws that are applicable in the sports industry, break them down, and finally present the same in a concise format for the relevant stakeholders.


Reading complex information in FAQ format is a great way to develop a holistic and recallable understanding of laws. We are constantly striving to identify various topics, or what we refer to as ‘Tags’, to present detailed research in short FAQs. You can also fill the form given below to help us identify more tags and make us understand more relevant questions, so that answers can be provided thereto.


The SLPRR Newsletter is an attempt to create discourse around matters related to sports law and all things sports. In order to house a variety of opinions and bring to our readers content from across various niche in the field, the Newsletter features the thoughts, opinions, research and expertise of this community, to not only foster discourse, but to also enable further awareness and interest in the field.




We are looking for Sports Law Researchers who might be willing to join us in this project. If interested, kindly contact us by sending an email on [] (refer to the following guidelines if interested)

While sending us an e-mail on the aforementioned email address, keep the subject as ‘Application for Researcher’ and mention your Name, Institutional Affiliation and Phone Number (preferably linked to WhatsApp) in the cover letter. Attach a work sample, which could be any of your previously published work or a college project written by you on any topic.

*Attaching your C.V is optional.

The perks of joining us in this endeavor are as follows:

  1. You will be receiving a Certificate of Internship from us for the duration you will be volunteering for the research work. The duration can be as per your availability and convenience, however, it should be for minimum 15 days.
  2. You will also be receiving a merit based Letter of Recommendation, completely on the basis of your work.
  3. Certificate of Publication will be provided for every piece written by you, if your research work is published on our website.
  4. You will be duly acknowledged on the website, for everything in which you contribute your work.