FGSR Sports is a non-profit entity, which aims to subsidise cost of sports for underprivileged kids. FGSR aims to partner with existing Sports NGOs and Government Schools, to help them acquire sports apparatus, protective gear and jerseys.

Started by 7 graduates from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, FGSR Sports aims to make the sport more inclusive by providing sports equipment to those in need. The organization also believes that sports has to walk the extra mile in making the space safe for women and therefore aims on taking rigorous steps in providing women a better space which is safe for their talents to flourish. The organization believes in catering towards amatuer, recreational football and towards professional football by ensuring the right talent doesn’t go unnoticed because of lack of training or playing equipment.

The model does not involve donating any money to partner organisations, however, with a transparent distribution model it is ensured that any monetary donation is used to buy footballs, jerseys, bibs, studs (cleats), shin pads, socks etc. and then provided to those in need. FGSR Sports has a unique distribution mechanism which focuses on giving quality equipment to professional footballers too. This platform is committed to gender neutral policy and will encourage any such equipment as well.

FGSR Sports has taken up their first project in collaboration with Green Hills Football Initiative, a registered NGO in Almora, Uttarakhand. The team will be assisting this NGO with procurement of football equipment and will also be working with people who run football training camps helping hundreds of children in Uttarakhand.

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