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[Author: Sailesh Neelakantan, a student of Law at Jindal Global Law School, India] Introduction If you watched the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, you would have noticed that athletes wearing Nike’s super shoes dominated athletic events. The runners wearing Nike Vaporfly super shoes won over 60% of the total medals at the Olympics. The athletes using theseContinue Reading

Unearthing all the Red Flags in the UEFA’s Swiss Model

[Author: Sidharth B. Pai & Abhinav Saikia , students of Law at Gujarat National Law University] The 1996-97 Premier League (EPL) finale didn’t disappoint when a 1-3 victory for 10-man Arsenal against Derby County proved insufficient for the Union of European Football Associations Champions League (UCL) qualification. And yet, the Gunners knew that they could aimContinue Reading


[Author: Manthan Dalwai, a student of Law at Jindal Global Law School, India] Introduction Come November 2022, the biggest sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup, will unfold in the Middle East for the first time. As the global phenomenon grows closer, a glaring question becomes increasingly pertinent- do players and fans wantContinue Reading

The Sweepstakes for the Booming Esports Industry in India: How micromanagement at different levels can hamper the growth of Esports in India

[Author: Bharat Kapoor, a student of law at University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU, New Delhi] After featuring as a demonstration event (medals won were not added to a nation’s tally) at the Asian Games 2018- Jakarta, Esports is set to make its debut as medal events at Asian Games 2022. The OlympicContinue Reading

“En Guarde, It’s the media”! – The ongoing feud between the Media and Professional Athletes and its implications on athletes’ mental health

[Author: Aakash Thiagarajamurthy, a third-year student of Law at Jindal Global Law School] Introduction Over the past decade, the role played by the media and the impact it has had on major sports has been far greater and more visible compared to before and we see the media as almost an integral part without whichContinue Reading

Analyzing the Commercial Value of a Football Jersey

[Author: Arnav Joshi, a fourth-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. This article has been previously published at the Author’s Blog- Route One Sports Law] Introduction For football fans across the globe, wearing their club’s colors is a matter of pride. It gives fans a chance to show their passion and loyalty towards theirContinue Reading


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