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A case of reinstatement for Ajax’s ‘Three Little Birds’ – A counter to UEFA’s narrow interpretation of the Equipment Regulations

[Author: Codanda Cariapa Chengappa, a student of law at Jindal Global Law School, India] INTRODUCTION One of the most powerful bonds of the sporting world is the connection between fans and their team culture. Over time, sports such as football have seen innumerable forms of expression being meted out by fans for their respective clubsContinue Reading

Hidden Scorecards – An Unsolved Mystery of MMA

[Author: Ben Jose Jose, Convenor, Centre for Sports Law, Economics and Policy, IFIM Law College, India] Introduction MMA has been on a path to portray itself as a legitimate sport around the globe and attract more spectators. Since its introduction, the violent sport has been tweaking regulations to ensure that the general market audience isContinue Reading


[Authors: Kosha Doshi and Bandana Saikia, 3Ls at Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India] INTRODUCTION “When Too Much Sports Is Barely Enough” Sports in India has evolved from the age-old Mahabharata sport Chatrang to an ever-evolving age of air sports. While the industry accounts for almost $620 billion, the Constitution of India [State List, 7th Schedule,Continue Reading

The Interjection of European Football and World Politics: The Newcastle United Football Club Takeover Amidst the Saudi Arabia–Qatar IPR Dispute

[Author: Mainak Mukherjee, Third year law student at National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam] The Middle East influence on European football has increasingly become apparent in recent years. One of the significant reasons that these Gulf countries have started investing in football is to increase their soft power in Europe. They usually inject much-neededContinue Reading

Analysis of Karnataka High Court’s Decision to Strike Down the Ban on Online Gaming

[From the Editors’ Desk] The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka, recently in the case of All India Gaming Federation v. State of Karnataka and Ors. [W.P No. 18703/2021] has struck down certain provisions of the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Act, 2021 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Amendment Act’). The Amendment Act essentially prohibited as well asContinue Reading

Unilateral Termination of Employment Contracts on the Basis of Injury in Football

[From the Editors’ Desk] We keep hearing about instances of Players getting injured and the Clubs terminating their contracts on that ground. Given the short term career of football players, this is extremely problematic especially in light of their livelihood being dependent on the same. Furthermore, Clubs slyly put injury/permanent incapacity clauses in the employmentContinue Reading

Match Fixing and Associated Deterrence Mechanisms – Need for a Special Legislation in India

[Author: Naman Kumar, student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, Telangana, India] What is Match Fixing? Match-fixing consists of playing a match to a wholly or partially pre-determined result, violating the game’s rules and often the law. A sport consists of a contest between individuals or teams who agree to compete by the same rules.Continue Reading

UEFA Club Competitions – Financial background of the new structure

[KPMG Football Benchmark’s business intelligence tool standardises and consolidates the financial, operational and social media data of hundreds of professional football clubs] Checking in at the halfway mark of the group stages of the UEFA club competitions, in the UEFA Champions League many groups are progressing as expected by most pundits, with the biggest teamsContinue Reading


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