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Analyzing the Commercial Value of a Football Jersey

[Author: Arnav Joshi, a fourth-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. This article has been previously published at the Author’s Blog- Route One Sports Law] Introduction For football fans across the globe, wearing their club’s colors is a matter of pride. It gives fans a chance to show their passion and loyalty towards theirContinue Reading

Sports Law in India – An Interview with Mr. Manu Bhardwaj

[This interview has been conducted by and primarily published at Legalbots’ Blog – is India’s leading career portal and job site for lawyers, advocates, paralegals, company secretaries and legal executives. We thank them for authorizing this cross-post] Somewhere we are all sports geeks, having played our favourite sports or having watched sports personalities aceContinue Reading

Tortious Interventions in Sports

[Author: Swara Popat, a Student of Law at Jindal Global Law School] INTRODUCTION: Although sports have been an inherent part of human life, its relationship with the law is relatively nascent. In the last few decades, sport has gone from a field unhindered by law to one where almost any action can potentially cause litigation.Continue Reading

Tackling ‘Havens for Abuse’ – Fight of English Football against Online Racism

[Author- Archit Uniyal, a Penultimate year student of Law at Jindal Global Law School] Racism remains one of the most problematic socio-political issues in the world today, specifically in the football community. English Football has tried to manage the challenges posed by racism taking place in football matches to some extent, however, there has beenContinue Reading


[Author: Utkarsh Mishra, a penultimate year student of Law at Jindal Global Law School] In December 2019, Russia was handed a four-year ban for major doping offences by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Recently, the ban was cut down to two years along with certain concessions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). TheContinue Reading


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