ASK SLPRR is a one stop solution for every legal or non-legal query/question or problems related to the sporting world which are generally faced by sportspersons and various other entities involved in the Sports Industry. The laws which interplay with sports affect the stakeholders’ lives on a day-to-day basis, ergo it is imperative to understand the rights, duties and obligations arising out of the same. Because of multiplicity and the complex nature in which these laws have been drafted, it could be a real task to form a clear understanding, especially for the sportspersons.

To provide comprehensive information on various sports laws in an easy to understand language, we have categorized these laws as various tags as following. After going through the available material on these tags, we have further simplified the information into FAQ format or flowcharts. The objective behind this collaborative platform is to assist the stakeholders, especially the sportspersons in making intelligent and informed decisions.

The tags are not exhaustive and if there is something which you want us to add, fill out the form provided below and let us know. This project is still in its initial stages and our team is continuously working on the tags for providing simple, reliable and relevant information. You could also be a part of this project and learn along the way; to know more about this, refer to the link provided below.


Information about WADA Code, Rules, Guidelines, International Standards, Procedures etc.


Information about general and specific clauses in different types of Sports Contracts.


Rules of Olympic Charter simplified.

Broadcasting & Media

Interplay of Intellectual Property and Media Law with Sports.


Privacy concerns and rules regarding data used in Sports.


Information regarding the rules and regulations in the football world.

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